AB Samarkand2015

Samarkand2015 - for an innovative, sustainable and attractive Västerbergslagen.

AB Samarkand2015 was founded in 2002 as a regional development company, owned by Ludvika and Smedjebackens municipalities, Dalarna County Council, Hitachi Energy and Ovako. 

The company's main mission is to develop the region and to increase the region's attractiveness. We work to ensure that our members increase their ability to attract, recruit and retain the competence they need for their businesses. 

In order to attract and retain the right labor skills in the region, more than an attractive labor market is required. Possibilities for good education, community services and an environment that appeals to the whole family is important. 

Samarkand is a forum for collaboration between society, academia and companies and has a number of networking groups and projects that collaborate for development and a change in the region.