Working groups

An important part of Samarkand2015's work is done in working groups. Samarkand currently operates five working groups within different focus issues according to the owners priorities.

Collaboration between different actors within the region is a prerequisite for coping with future development issues. Networking is a strong tool for achieving development and to make a change. Participation and activity is required for a network to be successful.

Housing and infrastructure

Samarkand is a coordinator and a forum for infrastructure issues in Ludvika and Smedjebacken. Our advocacy work concerns issues related to rail traffic (people and gods), road transport and housing. Some current issues are:
- To develop and improve rail traffic on the Ludvika-Västerås-Stockholm and Örebro-Gävle routes.
- Improvements for road transport, for example on the national roads 50 and 66 and developing alternative routes for heavy freight traffic.
- To work for a functioning common housing market in Ludvika-Smedjebacken. There should be a mixed and attractive market that in the long term meets the population development and contributes to regional attractiveness.

Members of the working group:
Ulf Rosenkvist, LudvikaHem
Cia Ferner-Kny, Bärkehus, SEAB
Lennart Silfverin, Smedjebackens Kommun
Jan Magnusson, Engelbrektoffice
Ivan Eriksson, Repr. politik
Angelica Sundkvist, Svensk Fastighetsförmedling
Lovisa Leonardsson Piilonen, Ovako  Anna-Karin Larsdotter, ABB
Johanna Ingre, Trafikverket
Ingemar Hellstrom, Smedjebackens kommun
Jessica Lindahl, Handelsbanken
Louise Nordström, Ludvika kommun
Patricia Magnell, Ludvika kommun
Anna Lindberg, Ludvika kommun
Åsa Lundin, Smedjebackens kommun
Malin Wallenberg, VB Energi
Susanne Hedman Jensen, Smedjebackens kommun, 
Erik Odens, Ludvika kommun
Lars Lindblom, Samarkand2015
Petra Holmlund, Samarkand2015


Sustainability is about the responsibility of companies and organizations in society with regard to social, ethical and environmental aspects. The working group "Sustainability" shall, in the long term, pursue these issues further. One goal is to involve more small and medium-sized companies in this work.

Sustainability is also a key word for all work within Samarkand

Members of the group:

Kristina Beyerl-Karlsson, VBU Ludvika
Ida Dahl, Smedjebackens kommun Jacob Holgersson, Ludvika kommun Sabine Dahlstedt, WBAB
Håkan Hultgren, ABB
Anders Fredriksson, SBB Norden
Hans Lindgren, Spendrups
Lotta Bjöör, Mvusab
Peter Vondrus, Samhall 
Lennart Silfverin, Smedjebackens kommun
Malin Wallenberg, VB Energi
Leif Carlsson, Samhall
Kathrine Abrahamsen HVV
Cia Ferner, Seab
Emma Agneteg, VB Energi
Kristin Elgh-Dalgren, VBU
Gunilla Hultin, LudvikaHem

Youth and education

The Samarkand Advisory Member Group has highlighted young people as the important part of the municipality's development.
The following areas have been identified as priorities for youth issues:
- Education - approved grades, mathematics skills, sports
- Leisure activities - culture, meeting places, "young entrepreneurship"
- Adult support - meeting places, generation support, parent training
- Drugs / health - non alcohol, drugs or activities.

Members of the working group:
Jonas Fors, Ludvika Kommun
Unni Fredriksson, Ludvika Kommun
Hanna Lindgren, Ludvika Kommun
Lisa Haglund, Ludvika kommun
Maria Ronsten, Smedjebackens Kommun
Bengt Norrlén, Smedjebackens Kommun
Jan Pettersson, Väsman Invest
Petter Nilsson, ABB
Lina Bjelkenäs, ABB
Alexander Larsson, ABB
Kent Engström, ABB
Håkan Flink, ABB
Lena Eliasson, ABB Industrigymnasium
Pierre Mörck, FBR Regionen 
Janna Johansson Periera, Samarkand2015
Inez Knudsen, VBU
Andreas Lundholm, VBU
Lars Lindblom, Samarkand2015

Media- and communication group

The media and communication group is a network for exchanging experience, inspiration and for helping each other to disseminate information.
The group works strategically, consciously and co-ordinated with communication, social media, brand building, media monitoring, external monitoring and statistics management.
The group wants to emphasize the value of organizations, and also the municipalities, investing in well-functioning communication.

Members of the group:
Aiki Rillo, VB Energi
Maria Jansson, ABB
Ki Eriksson, Ludvika Kommun
Henrik Schmidt, Ludvika Kommun
Andreas Falk, Ludvika Kommun
Evamari Anestedt, Smedjebacken Kommun
David Wallman, Smedjebackens kommun
Lina Grandin, WBAB
Sussi Falk, Unika Ludvika
Veronica Lindgren, Unika Ludvika
Eva-Lena Gunningberg, LudvikaHem
Janna Johansson Pereira, Samarkand2015
Marie Wennerström, SEAB
Anna Johnsson, Meken
Petra Holmlund, Samarkand2015


The HR-network handles all HR issues
and is also a network for competence and information exchange.

The network's way of working is solution-focused, prestigious and with high integrity.

The goal is for the network to be a valuable support for the participating members.

Members in the network:
Sara Facchini-Frankental, ABB
Elly Hartings, ABB
Anna-Karin Mässing, Ludvika Kommun
Anette Patten, Ludvika Kommun
Ann-Sofie Westman, Smedjebackens Kommun
Minna Juntunen, Landstinget Dalarna
Eva Åsmo, Spendrups Bryggeri
Kerstin Enberg, VBU
Peter Miettinen, Ovako
Kathrine Abrahamsen, Samarkand2015/High Voltage Valley 
Lars Lindblom, Samarkand2015


An important part of the development is digitization. The purpose of this working group is, among other things, to work for; new business in collaboration and / or partnership, the effects of digitization between the public and private sector, developing the school and taking advantage of local competencies.
Samarkand2015, for example, works with a programming project in schools in Ludvika and Smedjebacken where educators receive training in programming, in order to further implement the knowledge in the students' education.

Members of the group:: 
Mattias Pettersson, Loxodonta
Magnus Einarsson,
Per Einarsson, 
Lars Göran Ivansson, LG IT
Hans Linder, Powertender
Andreas Westholm, Powertender
Fredrik Lindberg, ABB 
Magnus Lindström, Griddiagnoze
Eitan Frankental, Griddiagnoze
Wilhelm Jacobsson, ABB
Malin Wallenberg, VB Energi 
Tobias Wetterskog, Programmerare 2047
Janna Johansson Pereira, Samarkand2015