Newcomer service

Samarkand2015 is a regional development company owned by the municipalities of Smedjebacken and Ludvika, Dalarna County Council, Hitachi Energy and Ovako. Many other companies and organizations in the region are members of Samarkand2015. One of Samarkand2015's missions is to support the owner- and member companies during recruitments.
Samarkand can be of help for both the employer and for the family that is moving here. The practical aspects of life is of great importance in terms of  feeling at home in a new place of residence. Everyday life, such as housing, school and leisure are things that must work, and being a part of a social network can make you feel comfortable in a new city.
Samarkands ”Relocationservice” offers customized services based on the employer and the employee’s individual wishes and needs during recruitment.
Samarkand also have the service ”Jobs for both” which a support in finding employment or other activities for the withcoming partners.
”International Ludvika” is a term that has several meanings. One is that Ludvika's industry works towards a global market and another is that basically the whole world is represented in Ludvika, in the form of people who live and work here. We think that's fantastic!
Find your employee in Samarkand's CV-bank
We are happy to assist our owner- and member companies with finding new recruits from our CV Bank, where we have many job seekers who have moved here. Feel free to contact us and see if your future employee is in our CV Bank.

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