Our business areas

AB Samarkand2015 
- for an innovative, sustainable and attractive Västerbergslagen

The company's main mission is to increase the region's attractiveness by working in the following areas: 

In order to attract and retain the right labor skills in the region, more than an attractive labor market is required. Possibilities for good education, community services and an environment that appeals to the whole family is important.

Samarkand has a number of networking groups and projects that collaborate for development and a change in the region.

High Voltage Valley is a cluster initiative with a neutral platform for collaboration between academia, large and small companies and public actors .

The purpose of the High Voltage Valley is to further develop the leading position, the region already have, in electric power engineering.
Our mission is that High Voltage Valley should be the arena where different actors and competencies collaborate, to develop tomorrow's technologies and companies, in electric power engineering

Recruitment of qualified labor is a key issue for companies, authorities and organizations in the region.

We work to ensure that our members increase their ability to attract, recruit and retain the competence they need for their businesses. We do this by offering, among other things, relocation service, immigration networks, HR meetings and recruitment fairs. Samarkand also runs a student center with approximately 300 students.

Samarkand is a coordinator and a forum for infrastructure issues in Ludvika and Smedjebacken. Our advocacy work concerns issues related to rail traffic (people and gods), road transport and housing. Some current issues are:
- To develop and improve rail traffic on the Ludvika-Västerås-Stockholm and Örebro-Gävle routes.
- Improvements for road transport, for example on the national roads 50 and 66 and developing alternative routes for heavy freight traffic.
- To work for a functioning common housing market in Ludvika-Smedjebacken. There should be a mixed and attractive market that in the long term meets the population development and contributes to regional attractiveness.

In order to increase a wider range of different kinds of workplaces in the region, we need to broaden the labor market.

Samarkand is a forum for collaboration between society, academia and companies.  Among other things we have entrepreneurial educations and a start-your-own-business education. We can be a support in contact with other entrepreneurs and endorse the companies' business development processes