Welcome to Högskolecentrum

Here you can borrow a room with a computer, webcam and headset. We also have quiet rooms, and rooms for group work. Free internet access is available.

Student Services:
We offer free prints for your studies. When copying and scanning, we charge a small fee.

Student service is open Monday-Friday 8-16.

In our cafeteria there are refrigerators and microwave ovens where you can store and heat your food. You can also buy fast food, coffee and sweets.

At HögskoleCentrum you can write your exams, regardless if you are studying on distance or if you belong to a campus. Read more about how to write the exams. 

Opening hours:
Entrance door is open on weekdays 7-17, other times you need an access card that you get when you register at Högskolecentrum.

Janna, Elisabeth, Maud och Katja, is here for your service.

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You can also find us at Facebook!