Exam at the University Center

Welcome to write your exam at Högskolecentrum in Ludvika. Whether you are studying on distance or at a campus, and whatever college or university you belong to, you are welcome to write your exam here!

To be able to write the exam at Högskolecentrum, you must do this:
Tell the right person at yout High School/University that you want to write your exam at ”Högskolecentrum hos Samarkand i Ludvika”. Ask them to email the exam to us at tenta@samarkand2015.com

Also report to us that you want to write your exam here.
Notify us that it is ok with your college/university.
When you email us, enter the exam name and date in the message row, and include this information in the email:

  • date and time of the exam
  • your name and phone number
  • school/university name, course name and course code

Email the information to tenta@samarkand2015.com

We must have this information at least five days before you are going to write the exam. Notify us if you are not going to write a registered exam.

Bring your personal identification when you are going to write the exam.

Contact us:
Elisabeth Sandberg, Katja Palokangas och Maud Igelström
Telefon: 0240-860 75 eller 072-228 16 01

Email:  tenta@samarkand2015.com

Visitor adress:    Fredsgatan 27, Ludvika
Adress:        Högskolecentrum/AB Samarkand2015
                      Box 832
                      771 28 Ludvika