University Courses in English at Samarkand

At Samarkands HögskoleCentrum you can always study courses at distance learning. Here you can read more about some of the options that are awailable in Ludvika the fall of 2024.

If you need any help applying for the courses or want to know more, please contact Janna at Samarkands HögskoleCentrum Phone: 0240-86031 Email:

1. Courses in Electrical Engineering by Dalarna University
Electrical Power Engineering 7,5 credits and Active Electrical Networks, 7,5 credits
In a time of growing electrification and an increased demand for sustainable energy solutions, the need for skilled electrical engineers has never been more critical. Dalarna University offers a Bachelor’s Programme in Sustainable Energy Systems, part of it is in Swedish, but several independent courses of 7,5 credits are in English, developed together with Hitachi Energy in Ludvika. Apart from some compulsory labs on site in Borlänge, the courses can be joined on distance. There is also a chance to create study groups at Samarkands HögskoleCentrum in Ludvika. Please note!! You have to apply for the courses by April 15 by going to Create an account, find the courses “Electrical Power Engineering” or “Active Electrical Networks” by Dalarna University.

2. Sustainable Development for Problem Solvers by KTH, 3,0 credits
Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan/Royal Institute of Technology is one of Swedens leading  technical universities, an institution for technical education and research that brings together students, researchers and educators worldwide.  In this brand new collaboration, KTH offers a course at Samarkands HögskoleCentrum. The idea is that we will form a studygroup and follow the lectures together. There is no schedule available yet, but the lectures will probably be held late afternoon/early evening. Read more about the course. If the link opens in Swedish, press “Course information in English” in the top right hand corner.

Please note!! You have to apply for the course by April 15 by going to Create an account, find the course “Sustainable Development for Problem Solvers: Exploring Sustainable Development” and choose Ludvika as location.
3. Courses on distance from any university in Sweden (or the world!)
Do you know that you can find a wide selection of stand-alone university courses as well as full degree programmes through distance learning? Just like with the courses above you must apply online using the University Admissions in Sweden website during the national application period of march 15-april 15. You can search for courses by subject as well as by distance learning.
MOOC - Massive Open Online Course
Another form of studying is choosing to join a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) MOOC courses are available for anyone to enroll in.  MOOCs provide a flexible way to learn new skills from both a number of Swedish universities as well as universities from all over the world. While studying you are welcome to utilize Samarkand HögskoleCentrums facilities and equipment in Ludvika. Welcome!




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